Treaty Success Stories

“In my community, I don’t have to go very far to see the remnants of the Indian Act, even 16 years later. The question is – are you strong enough to go into Treaty and put behind you the Indian Act. You will not appreciate it until you live it. You are strong enough to face the challenge to get out of the Indian Act, don’t forget that, don’t lose your focus. This year, an entire generation of 16 year olds never living under the oppression of the Indian Act. Late Alvin A. McKay said “[..] We want control over our own lives and destiny” – that control is called the Nisga’a Government, which is deeply anchored in our traditions and culture, the principles of our traditional feast system incorporated into our modern governance structure and process.” – W’ii Ajiksim Gibaygym Xsgaak (Kevin McKay) of Nisga’a.

As we move toward our Final negotiations and implementation, we will continue to share the voice of those Treaty First Nations, their advice, their challenges, and their lessons learned. There are many First Nations who have successfully implemented Treaty and who have shared their successes and the difference it has made in their community since. If you would like learn more about such First Nations, please see the BCTC website for more information.

Links to other Treaty First Nations websites: