Answer: Remember tax “exemption” is NOT an aboriginal right. Tax funds returned to the SX support part of our SX Government – as a matter of self-sufficiency. As Siyémches (Grand Chief Frank Malloway) said: “Our ancestors had a form of taxation where everyone contributed in some way to the well-being of the entire tribe.”
Answer: Members will still retain rights to their CP lands.
Answer: After treaty, there will be no more “reserve” lands, these lands will become Treaty Settlement Lands. We will have direct control of a lot more land than we do now.
Answer: The loan payment is part of the negotiations. It is important to remember that our revenues will aid in the payment of the loan if necessary. Nisga’a did not have to wait more that 5 years to pay out their loan in full, with their new economic opportunities in treaty.
Answer: We are negotiating that such outcomes can be brought into the Treaty.