Debunking Treaty Myths

FACT – If you have Status under the Indian Act you will maintain your Status with the same access to INAC programs and services as before. (this ‘status quo’ is maintained as a default, while we are aiming for a much higher standard).
FACT – NO. The Treaty does not extinguish aboriginal rights. You will never lose your aboriginal rights. The Treaty clarifies aboriginal rights that are now only generally recognized, but not defined in Section 35. SX members’ rights will be defined in the treaty and will be constitutionally protected.
FACT – Of course we are ready! In reality we have many well-educated members and we will continue to notify our youth on possible education paths to take in order to fill the positons that will arise through treaty. Unfortunately in reality we have grown up dependent on the Indian Act (remember…they look after us from birth to death). We have to de-program this Indian Act dependency.