Why Treaty?

” We are held as wards of the court, with no right to demand or participate in decision-making. We don’t put our children through civil disobedience. Getting out from under the Indian Act is our motivator.  We see treaty as an answer to poverty, oppression, suicide, substance abuse, and attaining life goals under the human-interest aspect. it is under the human-interest value that we works as an aggregate -partnership, working and building.” – Skw’omkw’emexw (Grand Chief Joe Hall) SXTA Chairman and Political Advisor

I like the phrase – Together today for our children tomorrow. We have a Seven Generations vision with 1500 people that will grow into 15,000 over the next 100 years. In the self-governance of the Stó:lō Xwexwilmexw the 7 communities want to keep them whole, as one, with more land, and the ability for economic development. […] From the bands we have heard “we are one” over and over – one government, governed by a collective, inter-married, with hereditary names, family and traditional fishing sites, nothing fits the band structure, we are one Whole, keep it whole.” – Jean Teillet, SXTA Chief Negotiator


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