Why Treaty?

“Whether we like it or not we are all held as wards of the state, with no right to demand or participate in decision-making. We shouldn’t have to witness our children conducting civil disobedience to dispute government oppression. Getting out from under the Indian Act is our primary motivator.  We see treaty as a solution to poverty, oppression, suicide, substance abuse, and attaining life goals from a human-interest aspect. It is under the human-interest value that we work as a collective – in partnership, working and building a way of life that will see us thrive as a people and as a community.” – Skw’omkw’emexw (Grand Chief Joe Hall) SXTA Chairman and Political Advisor (2005-2017).

“I like the phrase – Together today for our children tomorrow. We have a Seven Generations vision with 1500 people that will grow into 15,000 over the next 100 years. In the self-governance of the Stó:lō Xwexwilmexw the 6 communities want to keep them whole, as one, with more land, and the ability for economic development. […] From the bands we have heard “we are one” over and over – one government, governed by a collective, inter-married, with hereditary names, family and traditional fishing sites, nothing fits the band structure, we are one Whole, keep it whole.” – Jean Teillet, SXTA Chief Negotiator.


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