IMG_2875“Our Constitution has always been here. Our rules of conduct, our rules of behavior, the way we think, our moral values – are actually situated around the Stó:lō Nation. They not only define our Nation, but they define how we are supposed to conduct ourselves. Our constitution has always been here and it really is written in stone.” – Xwelixweltel (Grand Chief Steven Point)

Our Constitution defines us as a society. Our collective goals, rules and principles as a self-governing people.

Our Constitution cuts our ties to the Indian Act.

Our Constitution is a central pillar of our Treaty.

Our Constitution is the sacred ground for our law making powers, authorities and responsibilities in governing ourselves as Xwexwilmexw.

Our Constitution is deeply rooted in our history, origin, and our unique Stó:lō identities, relations with our land, and what belongs to us.

Our Constitution is a sacred writing, a powerful form of modern transformation linking us to sxwōxwiyá:m and connecting us to S’ólh Téméxw.

T’xwelátse: man turned to stone by Xá:ls (creator) to teach our people that we have to learn how to live together in a good way.