Organizational Chart

The following chart identifies the organization of the SXTA. Paramount to the decision-making within Treaty negotiations is the community members, and the Chiefs and Councils of the SXTA First Nations.

SXTA organizational structure revised

Stó:lō Xwexwilmexw Treaty Association (SXTA) Organizational Description and responsibility

Stó:lō Xwexwilmexw Community – The Stó:lō Xwexwilmexw (SX) First Nation members are at the heart of all discussions and decisions regarding treaty. The health and well-being of our friends and family are the driving forces from which Chief and Council do the work. Stó:lō Xwexwilmexw First Nation members are responsible for learning about their Treaty, why Treaty is important to them, and make their own decisions regarding moving forward in treaty. The SX First Nation members will be voting on the Final Agreement.

Stó:lō Xwexwilmexw Leadership – The SX leadership includes Chiefs and Councils, the SX Executive and the SXTA Lands/Governance Working Group

Chiefs and Councils – The Chief and Councils represent their members’ desires, wishes, and mostly needs at the SX table. They prepare the way for progress while protecting the socio-economics, health and well-being, culture, and language of their members. The Chiefs and Councils will be voting on the Agreement-in-Principle (non-legally binding).

Stó:lō Xwexwilmexw Executive – The SX Executive is made up of a President, Vice-President and Secretary/Treasure. The SX Executive makes decisions regarding work plans, budgets, draft materials, and workshop planning. The SX Executive signs and reviews project funding applications, and final financial reports.

SXTA Lands/Governance Working Group (LGWG) – The LGWG is made up of 7 SXTA First Nation representatives (1 from each community). The LGWG reviews research, technical information, and draft materials for recommendation to be presented to the SXTA Chiefs and Councils. The LGWG reviews technical lands and governance information, such as Treaty Settlement Land revisions, and operational information, such as outreach, until such time as the information is prepared for and presented to the SXTA Chiefs and Councils for approval.

Treaty Operations – Treaty Operations includes operations staff and the SXTA Outreach Team

SXTA Operations staff – The operations staff includes many technical staff members, help prepare budgets, documents, reports, research, and information that needs to be shared with communities. The operations staff is linked directly to the SXTA Lands/Governance Working Group who advise the operations staff of needed materials, research etc. and who approve the information being shared with Chiefs and Councils and SX First Nations members. The operations staff is behind the scenes.

SXTA Outreach Team – A four member team consisting of a Coordinator, and three liaisons working directly with the First Nations’ members to share information about treaty. The Outreach team prepares newsletters, videos, forums, gatherings, Kitchen-Table Gatherings, one-on-one discussions and outreach materials for sharing with the community. The Outreach team is directly linked to the SXTA Lands/Governance Working Group and the Chiefs and Councils of the First Nations


There are two main components of the negotiations – the Main Table and the Stó:lō Xwexwilmexw Treaty Tripartite Lands Technical Working Group (LTWG)

Treaty Negotiation Team – The Treaty Negotiation Team consists of a Chief Negotiator, Legal Counsel, Technical Advisor, and Culture and Heritage Advisor. The Treaty Negotiation Team works as a linkage between the SXTA Chiefs and Councils and the Tripartite Maintable (negotiation table consisting of BC, Canada, and SXTA). The Treaty Negotiation Team works with both of the above groups to negotiate the Treaty on BEHALF of the needs of the SX First Nations’ members as directed by Chiefs and Councils.

Main Table – The Main Table is a table of negotiators representing BC, Canada and the SXTA, whereupon they discuss provisions within the Agreement-in-Principle or the Final Treaty (depending upon stage of Treaty Process). The Main Table also discusses issues facing all three parties during the treaty negotiations processes. Work together to advance the Treaty for the benefit of the SX First Nations. Work together to create a comprehensive and inclusive Land and Financial Offer from British Columbia and Canada.

Stó:lō Xwexwilmexw Treaty Tripartite Lands Technical Working Group (LGWG) – The LGWG consists of representatives of all three parties, BC, Canada, and the SXTA, in working through specific spatial lands questions relating to the variety of interests on a specific land parcel. Part of the data that the LGWG works with is the Interest Module that incorporates information from BC, Canada, and the SXTA to identify overlapping, conflicting, and complimentary interests on specific lands and lands parcels. The LGWG often works between the Lands Governance Working Group, the Treaty Negotiation Team, and the Main Table, receiving direction to inform the negotiations and raising awareness amongst the SX First Nations.