Non-SXTA First Nations

As Stό:lō we respect our brothers and sisters, our family, who do not chose to enter into Treaty negotiations and those who have chosen to do so on their own. We respect this decision and know that they respect ours to moving forward in the Treaty Process.

As Stό:lō we share the same land, the same waters, the same culture, the same spirituality, and the same language. As Stό:lō we have family ties extending far beyond the borders of the Fraser Valley, reaching into Nooksack, Lummi, Vancouver Island, Interior, and beyond. We have a history of reciprocity and sharing, of kindness, and of sorrow that is connected to every Indigenous community across this continent.

We believe that we must maintain our relations, whether familial, historic, present, economic, or social, with all others with whom we share these pasts. The SXTA have met and will continue to meet with non-SXTA First Nations to share our Treaty news, and will continue these meetings well into the future as our relations continue.

If you would like details on these meetings, or to set up a meeting, please contact Shana Roberts at or OUTREACH

Date Type Place of Meeting Community Representation
22-Apr-15 Open Forum Tzeachten Hall All-Stó:lō
30-Jun-15 Tx’elxwéyeqw Tribe Chiefs Stó:lō Nation Shxwáh:y, Squiala
3-Jul-15 Tit Tribe Chawathil Hall Chawathil, Peters Band; Shxw’owhamel; Seabird
Meetings to be held:
TBD Community Peters Band Hall Peters Band
TBD Chief’s meeting Okanagan Okanagan Nation Alliance