External Relations

As Stό:lō and as community members living within the Fraser Valley, we know that we must maintain our good relations with our families, friends, and neighbours. As a part of the ongoing work, we strive to maintain those friendships and relations by sharing our goals and objectives, by working collaboratively with those we share our resources, lands, and history, and by maintaining open dialogue and transparency among those relations.

We will meet and do meet regularly with our Stό:lō brothers and sisters regarding our Treaty, and will continue to do so as a Stό:lō people, as family, and as neighbours.

We will meet and do meet regularly with the Municipal governments to share our Treaty news, and will continue these meetings well into the future as our relationships shift.

If you would like details on these meetings, or to set up a meeting, please contact Shana Roberts at Shana.Roberts@stolonation.bc.ca.