Meet the Team

Cathy Hall

Emily Kelly

The SXTA Outreach team consists of 2 liaisons.

  • Cathy Hall, Coordinator and Liaison
  • Emily Kelly, Liaison

Outreach responsibilities:

The Outreach team develops SXTA Treaty information materials to distribute to our membership as well as gather questions, comments and feedback for the TNT which assists with their negotiations.

The team produces the bi-monthly newsletter and pamphlets. Organize Kitchen Table Gatherings and One on one sessions, assist with the SXTA meetings & workshops and organize the annual Youth Forums and Workshop development and facilitation. Outreach also set up Place Names Tours – 3 per year: Upriver (Yale) tour; we created 2 new tours with Sonny McHalsie – the Downriver tour; and the Chilliwack River Valley tour.


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